Governance, Risk and Compliance

A revelation of all compliances on a single click

Governance Risk and Compliance Tool


What makes us Different

Bridging gaps between process to ensure end to end solution

Compliance Assessment

Self assessment approach to identify applicability of legislations

Value Evaluation

Identify impact of any delay in compliance and risk associated with any non-compliance.

Library Management

All records being central stored for easy retrieval and future

Task Management

Effortless assignment of task to fix accountability and identify the

Competitive Advantage


Choose the services and pay as per usage of the services rather than billing the complete solution.

Visual Illustrations

Easy understandable graphical representation of resolution roadmap.

Plug and play

No heavy infrastructure requirement for installation of the application.

Automatic escalation

Automatic escalation of the problems assist to get timely resolution.


About Governance Risk and Compliance

GRC tools are technological software supporting an enterprise to regulate its functions in order to maintain organizational efficiency, the standard of risk, and adherence to the compliances. GRC tool framework in an organization is the integration of information technology with the business goals.

These tools are used to control managerial plans, make automation to save time, conduct swift audits, monitor risks, set deadlines, and perform other essential functions with the ease and support of technological features. A public enterprise is prone to failure without a GRC tool in action to minimize the multiplicity of steps and scattered information.

An organization can improve its performance and earn higher revenues next year by implementing a good GRC tool in the current year. Through the GRC tool, the organization can reduce its compliance cost in the forward years. A good GRC tool must have features like a dashboard, various assessments, risk analytics, cost evaluation, information security, priority filters, content management, workflow management, audit management, etc. Features like Real-Time Alerts can help in avoiding delays and timely actions.

Other than these features, a well-designed GRC tool must encompass the ability to customize according to the needs of a particular entity. It should provide suggestions and a recommendable set of actions for each risk analysis and compliance. The entity must be able to choose what features are critical to its use and what features it does not need.

Why such tool?

A GRC system is critical to not only the income earning capabilities of an enterprise but to its very existence. It becomes necessary for a growing public company to adapt to a conforming GRC policy.

While GRC can be done through offline resources, it is more feasible to have a technological tool for it in this technologically driven and competitive era. It not only saves time and effort but also opens up a wide range of features that might not be possible otherwise.

There are numerous GRC tools on the internet feeding the wants of different establishments in their own ways. However, choosing the correct type of GRC tool that provides every facet of management and also conforms according to the needs of every particular user is an onerous task.

While selecting a GRC tool, what should be kept in mind is that the best of all might not be the best for each and every single user. One must look for a tool that consists of all the required features, with the possibility of choosing out of them.

Value add - How MRC can help you with GRC

At My Retail Care, the idea is to provide a seamless, simple, and one-stop platform for all the requirements of the best possible Governance Risk and Compliance ( GRC ) framework any organization can have. The tool is constructed by professionals in a user-friendly manner to facilitate the needs of every potential user. An institution can quickly discover the upcoming compliances and risks. It can easily structure an automated course of action against such compliances, risks, and issues. The tool gives a range of options through which the data can be monitored, managed, and analyzed.

Universal accessibility is provided through cloud support, which can only be controlled and shared amongst peers by the enterprise only. The toolsets alert for any need of action from the user so that timely decisions can be made. Another exciting feature is the representation of data through a graphical interface, making it easy to decipher.

The tool is operable on plug and play, which minimizes functional struggle, time consumption, and also the cost of installation. One of the best features giving a competitive edge to the My Retail Care tool is the customization of services as per the particular needs of the user.

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