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All we desire is to get a simple journey from identification of required compliances, to making an application of applicable permission/registration, along with timely reminder towards any renewal, all at one place. But found that things are scattered, it is lost, it never enough.

We refer to every available platform, but they yell and claim to be big, feature-filled, but could do many things and were complicating things. We just want something simple, so we made it so.

About Us

Our Team

Meet The Great People

It’s better to have a great team than a team of greats – Simon Sinek

Manu Grover

Chief Executive Officer

Manav kapoor

Chief Business Officer

Roopali Grover

Chief People Officer

Mohammed Yasser

Chief Design Officer

Visakha Raghuram

Legal Researcher

Pradeep Yenkuwale

Manager - Technology

External Advisors

Dinesh Shetty

Founder, Megasoft