Developing digital enterprise capabilities for addressing legal and compliance challenges

Connect with us for a digital transformation of your compliance processes and contractual engagements



Helps an organisation to identify key legal and compliance issues and asses the inherent risks associated with it


Automate monitoring and approval of compliance activities to fulfill the organisations’ compliance obligations


Monitor, review, and reconcile data for more meaningful analysis to important revenue-driven business decisions

About Us

Connecting compliance with automation

Developing systems to transform physical process and documents to electronic mode

Our Modules

Composite new age solutions

Address constantly evolving framework through digital tools

Bridging Compliance Gaps

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Creating Informed Contracts

Contract Lifecycle Management

Why MRC?

Features that make us different

Drivers of adopting digital transformation


Cloud computing makes it
is accessible from anywhere at any point of time.

Low Infrastructure

Plug and play mythology
requires no investment in
technology for usage.

Preemptive Alerts

Proactive alerts to the
matter help take timely
corrective actions.

Unbroken Reminders

Snoozing until and unless
the solution is identified
for a problem.

Single Control

Correlates data into the
meaningful task and easy
distribution among peers

Visual Explanation

Correlates data into the
meaningful task distribution among peers Visual Explanation

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